My art is often about choosing a route or path that is part of our everyday life and society. Sometimes these paths are complicated, but eventually you find your way - or perhaps you don't and choose to give up at a dead end, or not even start. But there's always a route to the solution - nothing is insoluble. I call this conceptual style of art Mazism (pronounced maze-ism), which I characterize as a basic problem solving exercise through the utilization of mazes.

Mazism, however, is less about mazes and more about the quest of happiness. With each bend, turn, and dead end, we are presented with decisions that ultimately shape our fate. For me, the Maze represents a visual metaphor for life and the many obstacles we must face through out our journey. In a consumption-driven society where we are forever searching for shortcuts between where we stand and the gratification we seek, my maze art complicates the linear pathway to emphasize human desire.

I was born and raised in NYC to Moroccan immigrant parents, and have always drawn inspiration from the dichotomy of Moroccan and New York culture. 


2017 Coda Collective Act 1, Group Show - The One Gallery, Tribeca NYC    
2017 On The Ground - The Cluster Gallery, Brooklyn
2017 New York Stories, Group Show- SoHo, NYC
2016 The Raleigh Under Sea - Miami Art Basel The Raleigh, South Beach  
2016 Mazism Southampton - The Capri, Southampton NY.
2016 The Unveiling of 50th West 86th Street - New York. Group Show
2015 Mazism Miami Art Basel Solo Exhibition -  South Beach
2015 SHE - SoHo, NYC.
2015 Absolut presents Transform Yourself - Casablanca
2015 Mazism NYC Rox Gallery Solo Exhibition - New York City
2014 Boxes Irri International Artists Group show - Casablanca